The Requirements for Being a Surrogate Mother

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Becoming a surrogate is a serious responsibility that requires a mother with a generous heart. By agreeing to become a surrogate mother, you will have offered to give your own body and time to carry a child for someone who is unable to conceive. Due to the many physical, emotional, and legal issues involved in surrogacy, it is a process that has several requirements.

Whether you are trying to help a friend, being compensated, or working with a surrogacy agencies in California, you need to meet those requirements to become a surrogate. Follow through the requirements for being a surrogate mother.

Given birth and raised at least one child

The number one requirement for you to become a surrogate mother is to have given birth before and raised at least one child. This shows that you are able to become pregnant thus establishes fertility. The reason why you need to have raised the child is to show stability as a mother.

Live a healthy lifestyle

A surrogate candidate is supposed to be a non-smoker and live a healthy lifestyle to be able to carry the pregnancy without any complications. Eating healthy and exercising while pregnant helps avoid possible complications and also ensures that the child has a very good start to life.

Be financially stable

It is very important for a surrogate mother to be financially stable and not be on the government’s financial support. The main reason for this is to make sure that the candidate is not making the decision to become a surrogate mother for the wrong reasons mainly because of the funds that they will receive.

BMI of under 32

A healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) is very important when it comes to surrogacy. You need to have a BMI ranging from 18 to 32 for you to become a surrogate mother. This is because if you are above the normal BMI, you will definitely be at a greater risk of developing diabetes.

Be between age 21 to 38 years

To have the best chances when it comes to delivering a healthy baby without any complications, you need to be within your primary childbearing years which range from 21 to 40 years. If the candidate is 37 years and above, she must have given birth at least within the past two years and been cleared by her physician.

No history of mental illness

To become a surrogate mother, you should have no history of any condition that affects your mental thinking. This is because you will be required to renounce your rights to the child once you deliver since you are not the legal or biological parent. You should also be able to: • Schedule hospital appointments

  •  Remember to attend hospital appointments
  •  Remember to take proper medication at the required times of day
  •  Be able to read the legal contract and understand it

If you are considering becoming a surrogate mother, you will need to first meet these surrogate mother requirements. Although there are exceptions in some cases, this article contains what most surrogacy agencies, fertility clinics, and intended parents look for in a possible surrogate mother.

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